post- WW2 Polish Commemorative Medal of 1st Polish Grenadier Division
May 26, 2022
WW2 Polish 2nd Grenadier Battalion Breast Badge
June 2, 2022

pre-WW2 Polish Large “Sokół” Falcon Award – Weightlifting 


L.Pramer, Vienna Austria, Circa 1910-20, White Medal, Enameled. Total length of metal elements circa 18cm.

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 An enormous pre-WW2 Polish Award for Weightlifting of the “Sokół” Falcon Association. Polskie Towarzystwo Gimanstyczne Sokół (english – Polish Gymnastic Association Falcon), was created 1867 in Lwów. The aim of the association was physical and mental development of fitness with the motton “Mens sana in corpore sano” – “A fit spirit in a fit body”. Many members of the association fought in the Polish Army. 

 Massive award, hung on a white and red ribbon around the neck.  The badge consists of three parts connected by chains, the upper part shows a laurel crown with a sunrise in the background. The middle part shows an eagle in flight holding a weight – symbol of the falcon movement. The lowest part is in the form of a cross, enameled in white and red – the national colors of Poland. Between the arms a Polish white spread eagle with a crown. In the center of the cross a medallion with a weightlifter. 

 The reverse of the upper part is marked with the maker – L Pramer of Vienna. 

 A large and unique award of the Polish Falcon Association. Made most likely circa World War One for one of the falcon nests operating under the Austro-Hungarian empire (Kraków, Lwów etc).