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September 23, 2019
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September 24, 2019

18/19th Century European Percussion Pistol “Lorenz”

Circa 1780-1820, Total length 43cm,

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A late 18th century / early 19th century blackpowder pistol. Originally a flintlock, converted to a percussion mechanism. One of a dueling pair, numbered at the bottom of the barrel (2). Marked both on the lock plate and the barrel “Lorenz”. Lavishly decorated, and gilded. mechanism in working order. Total length 43cm. 

 The stock is made of high-quality walnut wood, long reaching to the mouth of the barrel, finished with a brass engraved forend cap. A channel and two pipes for a ramrod, a simple wooden ramrod inside.

The stock is clearly bent into a butt with an extensive buttplate. The stock’s wrist is decorated with checkering.

The buttplate  is richly decorated with battle motifs. From the top, visible carvings of the stock’s wood at the barrel’s mounting.

The trigger guard is decorated with the figure of Saint George with a spear, sitting on a dragon. Two triggers are present.

A percussion mechanism lock made of steel, finely engraved, with the name of the manufacturer (Lorenz) in the center. The pan is shaped into a fish with a golden inlay eye.

The brass side plate depicts a battle scene with cavalry and cannons. 

Steel, hexagonal barrel, the maker’s name “Lorenz ” is inlaid in silver, surrounded by other silver inlay decoration and engraving. Bottom of the barrel is engraved with a number 2 (one of a pair of dueling pistols).

Sold as a collectors item.