WW2 Polish 1st Rifle Brigade – Half-product.
April 29, 2021
pre-WW2 Polish Armoured Soldiers – Żurawiec 1929
April 29, 2021

WW2 Three Rare Documents for Seized items from Warsaw Jewish Ghetto


Circa 1943-44, 21cm x 14.8cm

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Three rare in blanco documents “Shipping Orders” for the transport of goods from the former Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw, after the Jewish Ghetto Uprising in 1943. 

 Three documents were used while transporting any goods from the Warsaw Ghetto, one was a proof, the other were left at the guard post when entering and exiting. 

Issued by The Central Works’ Supervision of the Waffen SS and Police in Warsaw- office of exploitation of restricted areas (Sperrgebiet – name for the Jewish Ghetto). These documents called Lieferschein (shipping order) of all those goods and valuables that were stolen by the Nazi Germans and seized from Polish Jews in Warschauer Ghetto after the Uprising. All 3 in perfect condition. 

 Rare historical set.

 Each document is numbered accordingly, please note that you may receive a document with a different number (we have a few sets).