WW2 Polish Eagle Cap Badge wz.39
November 18, 2019
19th Century Polish Virtuti Militari Central Medallion
November 18, 2019

WW2 Rare Polish Resistance Aluminium Eagle Cap Badge


Aluminium, circa 1944.

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Polish eagle cap badge depicting an eagle with spread wings sitting on an amazon shield. The head is topped with a closed crown. Die stamped. 

 Extremely rare eagle used by the Polish Resistance in the 2nd World War. Eagles of this type are known to be used by the Polish Underground soldiers in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 and by Polish Resistance in the Wilno area. 

 This version of the eagle is mentioned in the book by Tomasz Zawistowski. “Polskie Orły na Czapki 1939-45” on page 179, illustration 344.