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March 25, 2020
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WW2 Polish Warsaw Uprising – Lieutenant Colonel Group


Mieczysław Bigoszewski ps. “Groch”

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Set of items and documents after Mieczysław Bigoszewski aka “Groch”, used the fake name “Józef Skowroński”. Officer of the 1st Light Cavalry Regiment (1 Pułk Szwoleżerów). Awarded the Virtuti Militari and Cross of Valour for the Polish-Bolshewick War. General Wieniawa Długoszowski called him “”One of the best junior officers of our cavalry”. Took part in the 1939 Defense Campaign. From 1939 in the Polish Resistance. 


 Inspector of training in the III Chief Command of SZP (Service in Victory of Poland – Służba Zwycięstwu Polski) Inspector of the Warsaw-City District Command of the ZWZ (Związek Walki Zbrojnej – Union of Armed Struggle)  and at the same time until May 1943 the commander of the 1st Light Cavalry Regiment, and finally the District Inspector of the 7th Warsaw District of the Home Army. By order of the Home Army of November 11, 1943, he was promoted to lieutenant colonel.

During the Warsaw Uprising, on August 28, 1944, he was appointed commander of the square of the capital city of Warsaw. He was responsible for the matters of food and accommodation of the Home Army units and the “street discipline” maintained with the help of the branch of the gendarmerie of the Warsaw AK District Command. He served at this post until the surrender of insurgent troops. After the fall of the uprising, he stayed in Prisoner of War camps in order: Bergen-Belsen, Fallingbostel, Gross-Born (from January 1945), Sandbostel (from March 1945) and Lübeck (from April 1945).

Released on May 2 by the British troops from the German captivity, he was from March 1946, the commander of the First Officers Group in Henstedt. The commander from May 1947, and from June to August he was the director of the Wentorf Polish Military Center. In the same month he moved to France, where he worked as an apprentice on a farm then returned to Poland. 

 The set consists of: 

  • Polish HQ Driver’s Certificate 
  • Polish Armed Forces of ex POW
  • Polish Military Mission to HQ British Army of the Rhine ID Card (with photograph). 
  • Polish Home Army Breast Badge document of Issue. 
  • Home Army Association in Germany Card 1947
  • PWX/DP ID Card
  • Portrait Photograph of M.Bigoszewski 
  • Two photographs from the Warsaw Uprising 15th August 1944 of a field mass on Ul.Poznańska 12 (Battle of Warsaw Anniversary) 
  • Pre-1939 Business Card of M Bigoszewski 
  • Post-WW2 Patch of 7th District of Warsaw Home Army  
  • Patch of a Education Officer from the 1st Polish Armoured Division with a Poland title. 

In May 1959, he donated the found banner of the 1st Light Cavalry Regiment to the Museum of the Polish Army in Warsaw. He died in Warsaw on July 3, 1964 and was buried at the Municipal Cemetery (formerly Military) in Powązki. 

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