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WW2 Polish Virtuti Militari Warsaw Uprising Group


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Set after lieutenant Edward Kluszczyński aka “Pawian”, an officer of the Home Army, participant in the Warsaw Uprising.

Born on October 8, 1917 in Tsarskoye Selo (Russia). During the Warsaw Uprising, he was assigned to the 101st Sappers’ Company, the S. Czarniecki “Gozdawa” battalion. He fought in the Old Town in the Sosna unit. Wounded on August 12, 1944 at 6 Kościelna Street, he got through the sewers to Śródmieście (City Center).

 Then joined the Sapper Company at the Sapper Department of the Home Army Headquarters. Decorated with the Virtuti Militari Cross for the Warsaw Uprising during the Uprising. Verified as decorated with the Virtuti Militari V Class cross by order of the AK Commander No. 512 of October 2, 1944.


After the capitulation of the Uprising, imprisoned in Stalag XI-A Altengrabow, initially stayed in the camp hospital. POW number 47090, then transferred to Stalag X B, Sandbostel. After liberation, settled in France and died on December 13, 1970.

The group consists of the following items:

  • Virtuti Militari Cross with Legitimation Card (1948)
  • Home Army Cross with Legitimation Card (1967) number 46 (!)
  • Wooden POW Dog Tag (Stalag XI A, No. 47090)
  • Set of 10 POW letters.
  • Allied PW Certificate
  • Promotion to Lieutenant Sappers, 1964 signed by General Anders.
  • Reproduction Photo from a POW camp

Virtuti Militari cross of a rare variety, French production, made shortly after the war. Original ribbon

The Home Army Cross Legitimation Card with an extremely low number (46), one of the first issued examples, in total there were over 50,000 issued!

The camp letters contain four sent by Edward’s wife, Krystyna, who also fought in the Uprising. Krystyna Kluszczyńska-Jarre. Born on August 30, 1921 in Lwów, nurse. Initially in Stalag XI-A Altengrabow POW number 46953. Then transferred to Stalag 308 VI C Oberlangen (for women).

A beautiful Warsaw Uprising group.