pre-WW2 Polish Portrait Photo of a Polish soldier – Grudziądz
September 25, 2021
Pre-WW2 Polish Paratroopers Exercise Nowa Wilejka (II)
September 25, 2021

WW2 Polish Two Photos of a Polish Soldiers Parade – Mosul 1943


1943, Iraq Mosul, 8.3cm x 6.4cm.

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   Two photographs of the Polish Soldiers parade during the May 3, 1943 parade in Mosul, Iraq, on the anniversary of the May 3 Constitution.

  The first photo shows soldiers in side caps, the front officer salutes the stands. At the stand there is a British officer and a Polish officer in a “rogatywka” cap. On the reverse the inscription “Kpt. Chwastek”.

In the second photo, Polish soldiers in helmets. Armed with British Lee-Enfield rifles. A flagship set in front with a Polish Regimental Banner. On the reverse, the inscription “Parade in front of the stand 3rd May Mosul-Iraq 1943” – “ Defilada przed trybuną 3ci Maj Mosul-Irak 1943”.

Condition as in the photos.