WW2 Polish Patriotic Silver Box – Egypt Cairo 1942
September 25, 2021
WW2 Polish-American Air Force Trench Art Lighter
September 25, 2021

WW2 Polish Solid Silver Patriotic Sweetheart Bracelet


Silver, circa 1945, Great Britain (?), 16.2 cm long


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A World War 2 period Poland patriotic sweetheart bracelet. It was most likely a gift from a Polish soldier for a loved one. The central point of the bracelet is a rectangular plaque. On its obverse, on the left, there is a Polish crowned eagle, and on the right, the initials “PJ from GK” are engraved. The date “13/4/45” is engraved on the reverse.

A carefully crafted memento of the war times, reminding us that love could flourish despite the hardships of war. An object with a “soul” provoking to look at the difficult 1940s from the perspective of a couple in love.

Condition as in the photos.