WW2 Polish Cloth Eagle Badge Black
May 12, 2019
WW2 Polish Patch of 1st Armoured Division
May 12, 2019

WW2 Polish Shoulder Board Patch 3DSK


 153mm x 64mm, Cloth, 1943-1945

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  A single Polish World War Two period shoulder patch flap, hung from the shoulder board. Khaki dress with an applied “Poland” title.

 Patch of the 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division (3 Dywizja Strzelców Karpackich), in the form of a christmas tree on a white and red background. Fine worn example. Please note that the 3DSK is loose, not sewn on the flap.

The technique of production suggests that the patches could have been made by S.E.Tietz of Tel Aviv.Please note the patch is loose, not sewn on.

 Used by the 2nd Polish Corps of General Anders, 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division. Good condition as on photographs.