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WW2 Polish Resistance Virtuti Militari Group


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Group of three documents of issue (Legitymacja) for the Polish Home Army Cross, Polish Army Medal and Virtuti Militari Cross 5th Class, issued to Lieutenant Jan Hałka ps.”Koliber” who part of the Home Army Resistance unit “Rysia” which operated in the Siedlce Area. 

 The Virtuti Militari 5th Class document was issued on the 11th November 1948 by the Polish Ministry of Defence in Exile (London). Very good condition.

 The Polish Army Medal document was issued on 15th August 1948 by the Polish Ministry of Defence in Exile (London). The Army Medal is awarded four times (highest possible), so would have been worn with three bars.

 The Home Army Cross (number 13841) document was issued on 20th January 1975 by the Home Army Veteran Association in London.

The “Rysia” Home Army resistance unit was founded in the summer of 1943 as a result of the efforts of Captain Bolesław Prochenka at the command of the AK Siedlce District. The combat baptism of the “Rysia” unit took place in September 1943, during which the telephone line on the Siedlce-Międzyrzec route was destroyed and special metal spikes were scattered on the road. After the “Burza” operation, the “Rysia” branch became part of the grouping in the Siedlce District.

 A scarce set of documents.