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April 28, 2022
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May 5, 2022

WW2 Polish Red Cross Postcard – Polish Soldier 1939


14cm x 8.9cm, paper, United Kingdom circa 1939-1945

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 A fine World War Two period Polish Patriotic Postcard depicting a soldier of the 2nd Polish Republic in a full field uniform, inscribed “Polish Soldier 1939”. 

 On the reverse the postcard is inscribed “The Proceeds from the sale of this card are for the Polish Red Cross. Dochód przeznaczony na Polski Czerwony Krzyż”. 

“The Polish Soldier fulfilled his duty in September 1939, fighting against overwhelming enemy forces for his country and honour. On the bloodstained battlefields he proved to the world that he prefers death to bondage. Now he stands shoulder to shoulder with those who are defending freedom and will fight till the final victory”. 

 Good condition as in photographs.