WW2 Scarce Polish 5th Kresowa Infantry Division Engineers Breast Badge
December 16, 2021
post-WW2 1st Polish Armored Division Commemorative Cross with Legitimation Card
December 16, 2021

WW2 Polish Patriotic Badge of Guard Companies


Germany, (Fritz Kohm Metalwerk Fabrik?), Brass enamel, 20.5mm x 16mm

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Enamel patriotic badge in the form of a shield with a Polish crowned white eagle, above the date “1945” with white stars on the sides. Smooth reverse with a threaded post and a spinner found on the badges made by Fritz Kohm Metalwerk Fabrik in Germany.

Badge made for the needs of Poles in Germany in 1945, used by Guard Companies and Polish other units. Good condition as on photographs.