WW2 Polish 14th Wielkopolska Armoured Brigade Patch
February 3, 2021
WW2 Polish 1st Grenadier Division Combat Badge Half-product. 
February 3, 2021

WW2 Polish Para Collar Badge Parachute – Half-product.


(1943/44, Edinburg,Kirkwood & Son, Scotland). 61mm x 49.5mm.

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A semi-finished collar badge of the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade. Emblem in the shape of a parachute jumper. This emblem was not cut from the die. On the obverse there is a signature in a mirror image (Kirkwood & Son, Edinb). The reverse of the half-product is smooth.

 A semi-finished product of the trial batch of the collar badge of the 1st Independent Parachute Brigade.