WW2 Polish 1st Armored Regiment Badge – German Production
February 3, 2018
pre-WW2 Polish State Sports Badge – 3rd Class
February 3, 2018

WW2 Polish Medal Ribbon Bar KW


Circa 1943/44

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A Polish World War Two period medal ribbons, worn by a soldier of the 2nd Polish Corps and the pre-WW2 Polish Army. Interesting piece from hand made threads. The ribbons are for the following decorations: 

  • Cross of Valour (WW2)
  • Cross of Valour (pre-WW2)
  • Cross of Merit 
  • Polish-Bolshevik War Medal
  • 10 Years of Independence Medal
  • 20 Years of Service Medal
  • 10 Years of Service Medal 

Condition as on photographs. This ribbon bar belonged to an officer of the 11th Signal Battalion, 2nd Polish Corps. Participant of the Monte Cassino battle.