WW2 Polish Legitimation Card to 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division Badge
September 25, 2021
WW2 Legitimation Card to Cross of Valor – Home Army
September 25, 2021

WW2 Polish Legitimation Card to the Badge of 11th Signals Battalion


Italy around 1945, Paper

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The Legitimation Card entitling to wear the badge of the 11th Signal Battalion of the 2nd Polish Corps of General Anders, for the Private (Kowalski Mieczysław).

Rectangular obverse, on the right, bold print (Legitymacja odznaki Pamiątkowej 11 Batalionu Łączności nr 829)

-Legitimation Card of 11th Signal Battalion Badge nr 829. Inside, there is a visible image of a fighting Polish soldier with the Polish flag in his hand, standing on the globe. Visible regulations entitling to wear a badge, regimental seal, and the signature of the commander, Lieutenant Colonel Łysak Eugeniusz.

Condition with signs of use as in the photos.