WW2 Polish Soldiers in the background of the Pyramids – Egypt
September 25, 2018
post-WW2 Polish People’s Republic Pennant of the Squadron Commander of War Navy
September 25, 2018

WW2 Polish Legitimation Card to 2nd Polish Corps Badge


Circa 1945, Italy, Papier

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  An legitimation card authorizing to wear a commemorative badge of the 2nd Polish Corps number 187,818. Issued to Corporal Aleksandra Kurylas, born in 1912 from the 5th Carpathian Rifle Battalion. Decorated with the Cross of Valor.

The outer side of the card in the form of a map with the contours of the borders of the Second Polish Republic marked. The trail of the 2nd Polish Corps is marked on the map. Below are the names of the countries through which the soldiers passed: “USSR-Iran-Iraq-Palestine-Egypt-Italy”. Additionally, there is a graphic with the badge of the 2nd Polish Corps and the inscription “Italia 1946”.

  Inside, a graphic background with the letters “2K” – 2 Korpus – 2nd Corps. On the lower and upper part, the inscription “Odrzućmy wszystko co nas dzieli, przyjmijmy wszystko co nas łączy”, “Let us throw away everything that divides us, let us accept everything that unites us”. On the left, an order to establish a badge by general Władysław Anders. On the right, the data of the recipient.

  ID card issued on 3rd April 1947. Condition with signs of use as in the photo.