WW2 Polish Monte Cassino Cross 19,548
January 10, 2020
WW2 Polish Badge of the 1st Anti-Aircraft Regiment
January 10, 2020

WW2 Polish KIA Group – 6 Lwów Inf. Div. – Italy 1944


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Group after the late private Kazimierz Kiełbik, born on 29.12.1922 in Łuszczów, Lublin, a soldier of the 2nd Polish Corps, 6th Infantry Division, 16 Lwów Rifle Battalion, who was killed in action on the Field of Glory on August 18th 1944, in the Mondolfo area, the Casano river in Italy, a veteran of the Monte Cassino battle, a former prisoner of the Soviet Gulag from the area of ​​Lake Onega, Arkhangelsk. He is buried at the Polish War Cemetery in Loreto, Italy. Sector 16-D, grave number 2. The set contains his personal belongings which were given to his family and military souvenirs.

 The group includes:

  • “Legitymacja” Document for the Commemorative Cross of the Battle of Monte Cassino (No. 18,101)
  • “Legitymacja” Document for the  Badge of the 6th Infantry Lwów Division 
  • Badge of the 6th Infantry Lwów Division made by M. Rubin in Tel Aviv, 1943.
  • A set of commemorative shots of Jerusalem
  • Soldier’s Prayer Book (London 1942)
  • Notes from the final period of the Exile in Soviet Russia, October 1941
  • 12 photos in various sizes from the war period
  • 4 post-war photos of the tombstone of private Kazimierz Kiełbik
  • A letter from Zofia Bajkowska of June 16, 1944 thorn and stained (blood?)
  • Picture with Jesus Christ
  • Letter to Katarzyna Kiełbik from 1949 regarding the inheritance
  • Letter regarding correspondence with the uncle of the deceased from 1957.


A set depicting the tragic fate of a Pole who underwent the hell of Poland’s occupation of the Soviets, Soviet labor camps, formation of the Anders Army, the Italian Campaign in which he devoted his life to his homeland. As General Maczek said: “A Polish soldier fights for the freedom of all nations, but dies only for Poland. “.