WW2 Polish Badge 2nd Motorised Artillery Regiment
May 25, 2023
WW2 Polish Badge – Infantry & Motorised Cavalry Officer Cadet School – Scotland
May 25, 2023

WW2 Polish Instructor Badge – Infantry & Motorised Cavalry Officer Cadet School – Scotland


45mm diameter, John Dunbar, Alloa Scotland, Circa 1942

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A rare Polish badge of the Instructor of the Infantry and Motorized Cavalry Officer Cadet School in Scotland. Badge made by John Dunbar in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland. Numbered badge (number 7).

A four-part, round badge, in the form of a wreath of thistle leaves bound at the bottom with the cross of St. Andrew, in the upper part, between the ending leaves of thistles, the inscription “Scotland”, separated by an eagle’s crown.

  In the center of the badge there is a stylized crowned eagle with the golden initials “SP” inscribed on its chest. Reverse with a deep counter, in the middle a threaded post is visible, and three pins securing the eagle to the wreath of the badge.

  The crown and the letters SP are gilded and applied separately, the crown is gently glued. The badge is in very good condition, rare variation.

This version of the badge is described under number 2b according to Tony Leszczuk’s & Krzysztof Barbarski book “The Polish Army in The West 1939-1947”