WW2 Patriotic Polish Badge – Eagle & Flag
June 2, 2019
WW2 Polish Combat Paratrooper Wing – Kirkwood
June 2, 2019

WW2 Polish Independant Highland Brigade Badge


United Kingdom 1940, Bronze, 35mm diameter.

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Rare Badge of the Polish Independant Rifle Highland Brigade issued in 1940 to the soldiers of the unit which fought in 1940 in France and Norway. 

 The Polish Independant Highland Rifle Brigade was created in France, initially intended to help Finland fight against the aggression of the Soviet Union. Following the cessation of hostilities and the end of the Winter War, the Brigade was sent to Norway on 8th May 1940, where she took part in the Battle of Narvik. Then withdrawn to France where, after heavy fighting, some of the soldiers evacuated to Great Britain. For the fierce fighting in 1940, the standard of the unit was decorated with the order of Virtuti Militari V Class by General Władysław Sikorski. Later the unit was transformed to the Podhalański Rifle Battalion. 

 Badge in the form of a circle which incorporates a cross. Between the crosses arms a laurel leaf crown. On the arms of the cross the names of towns where the unit fought “Narvik, Beisfiord, Ankenes, 1940”. In the center a bugle from which hangs the order of Virtuti Militari. Placed on the bugle are a crossed pair of Polish “ciupaga” (Polish highlander axes), a Polish wz.27 crowned state eagle and the letters BSP – Brygada Strzelców Podhalańskich (Highland Rifle Brigade).

 A smooth reverse, originally the badge had a pin which was removed in the period. In the center a crudely attached threaded post with a spinner. This was a typical procedure with these badges as the pins were unreliable and the badges were easily lost. 

 Beautiful and rare badge. All details in the photographs.