post-WW2 Warsaw Uprising Insurgent Group 
August 1, 2022
WW2 Rare Polish Resistance Home Army Eagle – Warsaw Uprising Żoliborz
August 1, 2022

WW2 Polish Home Army Officer Warsaw Uprising Group – 3rd Armoured Battalion Golski


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A fantastic group to a Warsaw Uprising insurgent officer – 2nd Lieutenant Roman Marian Kamaszewski, aka “Waldemar” “Rek” “Kowalski”, fake name used during the uprising- Roman Jan Kowalski. 


Roman Marian Kamaszewski, aka “Waldemar” “Rek” “Kowalski”, was born on 7th November 1915 in Garwolin. Passed away in Adelaide Australia on 5th August 2016. Firstly in the National Armed Forces (Narodowe Siły Zbrojne), “Sikorski” Regiment. Then transferred to 3rd Armoured Battalion “Golski”. Fought in the Southern Middletown (Śródmieście Południowe” during the Warsaw Uprising. Survived the uprising and was sent to Stalag XB Sandbostel Prisoner of War camp. After the war he served in the 315th Transport Group, Civilian Mixed Labour Organisation, then emigrated to Australia, Adelaide where he passed away. 


  Among many documents in the group, there are two outstanding: A Home Army Warsaw Uprising Identification Card and Legitimation Card for the Home Army badge.


A Home Army Legitymacja Identification Card, issued to all soldiers of the Home Army during the Warsaw Uprising. The ID cards and the armbands were two official confirmations that they were members of the Polish Army. This card is in a very good condition, printed on light rose colour paper. Number of the ID Car 1133219. It is quite interesting that the details stated on the card use his fake name Roman Jan Kowalski. The card is signed by the commander of the 3rd Armoured Battalion “Golski” – Major Stefan Golędzinowski aka “Golski”. In the left bottom corner is a seal of the Command of the Warsaw Home Army Region.


 On the reverse it has a transfer note signed by 2nd Lieutenant Zdzisława Zakrzewskiego ps. „Zieliński”, confirming that 2nd Lieutenant Roman Marian Kamaszewski was assigned to 3rd Company. 


The second outstanding document from the group is a Home Army Badge “Murek” Legitymacja Legitimation Card. Issued in 1947 in occupied Germany. The legitimation is in a near perfect condition. 


 Other documents include documents from his service in Civilian Mixed Labour Organisation and time in Occupied Germany, documents concerning his move to Australia, compensation documentation regarding the lost health while imprisoned by Germans and his hand written two page biography (CV) in English.


An amazing and rare group. Genuine Home Army Identification Cards are hardly obtainable artifacts.