WW2 Polish Wound Badge Bar
December 16, 2019
WW2 Rare Beret Badge of the 14th Wielkopolska Engineers Company 
December 16, 2019

WW2 Polish Engineer’s Collar Enameled Pennant


1945-46. Brass enamel, F.M Lorioli Milano/Rome, 62mm x 15mm

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Pair of Polish collar pennants, red and black colors used by the Engineers. Made from brass, enamel. Smooth reverse with two small points sticking out to prevent rotation on the uniform, in the middle a threaded post with nut screwback with the maker “F.M Lorioli – Milano & Roma ”. 

 The enamel has cracks as visible on photographs, worn condition. Rare pair of pennants.

These pennants belonged to Bernard Skwierawski born in 1921, soldier of the 14th Wielkopolska Engineers Company, 14th Wielkopolska Armored Brigade, 2nd Polish Corps of General Anders