pre-WW2 Polish Eagle Cap Badge wz.19 – Bronisław Grabski Łódź
May 13, 2023
WW2 Polish Eagle Cap Badge – Middle East
May 13, 2023

WW2 Polish Eagle Cap Badge wz.39 – Scully Canada


William Scully Ltd, Montreal Canada, 1941-42, White Metal, 55mm x 36mm

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World War Two period Polish cap eagle badge. Polish eagle cap badge depicting an eagle with spread wings sitting on an amazon shield. The head is topped with a closed crown. On the reverse a pair of omega type fittings (period replacement). Die stamped. Fantastic quality. 

 A 1939 pattern Polish eagle cap badge made by William Scully Ltd in Montreal, Canada circa 1941/42, for the Polish Volunteers from Canada. Due to the small number of volunteers these eagles were transported to Europe and issued to various Polish units. 

 This version of the eagle is mentioned in the book by Tomasz Zawistowski.“Polskie Orły na Czapki 1939-45” on page 49, illustration 29.