WW2 Scarce Polish Eagle Cap Badge wz.39
February 3, 2019
WW2 Polish 2nd Lieutenant Armoured Rank Star
February 3, 2019

WW2 Polish Cross of Valour Miniature


France (?), 1920-47, Bronze, 15mm x 17mm (without ribbon ring)

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Miniature of the Cross of Valour, made most likely in Francje, private purchase example. Fine quality. Ribbon indicates that the cross was awarded post 1940, although the miniature itself might be earlier.

A Polish Cross of Valour miniature awarded for acts of valour in the battlefield. The award in the shape of the cross, In the centre a Polish crowned eagle with spread wings. On the arms an inscription “Na Polu Chwały 1920” meaning “On the fields of Glory 1920”. 

 The reverse with a sword and a laurel leaf crown with inscription “Walecznym” meaning, Valourious. 

 This cross miniature belonged to an officer of the 11th Signals Battalion, 2nd Polish Corps of General Anders. Participants of the Battle of Monte Cassino.