post-WW2 Polish Veteran’s Infantry Officer Uniform Set
September 25, 2021
WW2 Polish Officers Group of the Guard Company
September 25, 2021

WW2 Polish Communist Officer Group – Cross of Valor


Poland, 1946-1955, paper, fabric, metal


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A set of decorations and documents after Lieutenant Eugeniusz Maksymowicz, a soldier of the 1st Polish Army (Communist Polish Forces). The set includes Polish decorations and documents as well as Soviet Russian decorations. This includes:

  • Polish Cross of Valor 1944, made by the Caritas Workshop in Warsaw. Rectangular legitimation card for the cross, issued in 1947. A very early communist document of awarding the Cross of Valor.
  • Polish Silver Medal for Merit in the Field of Glory, made by the Caritas Workshop in Warsaw, together with a legitimation card issued in 1951.
  • Polish Silver Cross of Merit awarded twice with a legitimation card, issued in 1955. Cross made by the State Mint. On the ribbon, there is a silver bar indicating the double decoration.
  • Polish Medal for Warsaw 1939 – 1945 with a legitimation card issued in 1946.
  • Polish Medal for the Odra, Neisse and Bałtyk with a legitimation card issued  in 1946.
  • Polish Medal of 10 Years in the Service of the Nation with a legitimation card issued in 1955.

The group also includes three Soviet Russian decorations,

  • Russian Medal for the Liberation of Warsaw
  • Russian Medal for the capture of Berlin
  • Russian Medal for the Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941 – 1945.

All three decorations were accompanied by legitimation cards from 1946, in Russian.

 Condition as in the photos.