WW2 Polish Beret Badge 15th Wolves Battalion “Wilki”
June 6, 2019
post-WW2 Polish pair of veterans’ medals
June 6, 2019

WW2 Polish Beret Badge 10 Bridge Engineers Company


Italy 1945-46

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Badge worn on a beret with a diamond-shaped material pad, weapon color (black and red) symbolizing sapper (engineers) units.

Triangle badge with a rounded bottom corner. The obverse of the badge resembles an unfolded sapper bridge in which part the letter (M) and the Number 10 referring to the name Kompania (10 Mostowa) are inscribed. The back of the badge is smooth, in the middle a threaded post. A round nut signed with the manufacturer (F.M Lorioli, Milano-Roma).

Original badge, preserved in a very good condition, original silvering. Rare item on the collector’s market. Finding an original is extremely difficult.

Badge dimension 26mm x 17mm. Background material 51mm x 41mm. Badge weight without nut :3.9g.