WW2 Polish Volunteers Patch – Belgium (Variant)
July 3, 2019
pre-WW2 Polish Patriotic Gorget – Wiktor Gontarczyk 
August 1, 2019

WW2 Polish Badge of Home Army Baszta Unit – German Made

Occupied Germany, Circa 1945, 21mm x 21mm

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 A rare early, first version, badge of a Warsaw Uprising Home Army regiment – Baszta, made in 1945 in occupied Germany for the soldiers of the unit. Circa 200 badges were made, this example is numbered 135.

 Badge in the shape of a stylized cross, in the center an ellipse medallion with a black enameled tower on a blue background, in the middle a Polish Resistance symbol – Anchor “Kotwica ” symbolizing the Fighting Poland. Above the tower the date 1939, below 1945. 

On the arms of the cross the letters AK – Armia Krajowa (Home Army). 

 Smooth reverse with a brass threaded post. Numbered 135.