post-WW2 Polish 1st Armored Division Veterans Badge
September 26, 2021
post-WW2 Polish 4th Infantry Division Veterans Badge
September 26, 2021

WW2 Polish Badge 2nd Warsaw Armoured Division – Car Badge


F.M Lorioli Fratelli, Italy, 1945-1946, Later mounting.

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Polish 2nd Warsaw Armoured Division Badge mounted on a Car Badge Plate. Used in such a way most likely by a veteran of the unit. 

 The car badge plate made by J.R Gaunt of London, The background in Red and Green colour with a white stripe, most likely a reference to the colour of artillery units in the 2nd Warsaw Armoured Division.

The badge of one-piece construction. Badge depicted in the form of a cavalry stirrup with a tank inscribed at the bottom. In the upper part of the stirrup, next to the bail, there is the number (2).

The reverse of the badge is smooth without a slight counter, a threaded post in the center. A replacement nut. The badge is covered in opaque varnish.