WW2 Polish Pair of Carpathian Lancers Collar Badges
May 19, 2022
WW2 Polish 6th Carpathian Rifles  Battalion Beret Badge
May 19, 2022

WW2 Polish Badge 2nd Artillery Group


White Metal, F.M Lorili Italy 1946/47, 45mm x 45mm

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Breast badge of the 2nd Artillery Group, part of the 2nd Polish Corps of General Anders.

Cross shaped badge, in the middle a wreath crown with an exploding shell,  in the centre a Warsaw mermaid of the 2nd Polish Corps. Below the wreath shield of the 8th Army. Designed by Józef Czwodron and Antoni Tass. 

 The reverse of the badge is smooth with a threaded post and spinner. The spinner was designed for a 2nd Polish Corps Badge.