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November 22, 2020
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November 22, 2020

WW2 Polish Artillery Officer Cadet School Scotland Breast Badge


Sterling Silver, William Dingley, Birmingham 1941-42, 46 mm x 34 mm, Design by Witold Mars

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Badge of the Polish Artillery Officer Cadet School in Scotland. One of the rarer badges of the Polish Armed Forces in the West.

One-piece badge made of sterling silver, with hallmarks. A wreath-shaped badge made of laurel and oak leaves, topped at the bottom with the coat of arms of Scotland, (inscribed lion on the shield). In the center of the wreath there is an image of an artillery shell and the initials (SPA) – Artillery Cadet School (Szkoła Podchorążych Artylerii).

The reverse of the badge is plain, numbered on the back of the wreath (No. 84), at the bottom of the badge you can see stamped silver hallmarks and maker (W&D), the signatures indicate that the badge was made in Birmingham in 1941-42 by William Dingley. The badge was ordered from Rattray & Co in Dundee, of which William Dingley was possibly a subcontractor.The badge is mounted on two threaded posts, brass nuts screwed on a brass rectangular counter plate.

  Beautiful rare badge in excellent condition (see photos).