WW2 Polish “Poland” Air Force Titles
December 16, 2018
Post WW2 Polish 1st Polish Armored Division Veterans Armband 
December 16, 2018

WW2 Polish Anti-Aircraft Artillery Badge


United Kingdom, 39.5mm x 28mm, Brass, Circa 1940-47

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Polish Anti-Aircraft Artillery Badge awarded to soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces in the West. Made most likely in the United Kingdom.

One-piece badge made in brass. An ellipse-shaped badge with two anti-aircraft guns pointing upwards. There is an abbreviation between the guns (Art. Pl), ie Anti-Aircraft Artillery.

Around the edge there is a stylized wreath crowned with a flying eagle with wings that surround the upper part of the wreath.

The reverse of the badge with a visible counter of the die-struck, two loops and pin.Badge with the original green felt backing and a brass washer. Great condition as on photographs.