Pre-WW2 Polish Water Service Badge
September 26, 2021
WW2 Polish Badge 2nd Artillery Group
September 26, 2021

WW2 Polish Air Force Pilot’s Wings Badge


Circa 1940-1942, United Kingdom, 60mm x 37mm

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World War Two Polish Pilots Qualification Wings known in the Polish Air Force as “Gapa”. Badge in the form of a flying eagle holding a laurel crown in its beak. Original chain with a hook.

 A lead cast example, crudely made, based on a pre-WW2 example. Missing chain. Reverse with a threaded post and nut, the post is moving. Unusual example with an impressed number “7”.

Version produced in the United Kingdom by the airforce workshop. During the early period Polish Airmen lacked insignia in the form of Pilots Wings and Air Force cap badges, hence such were produced by workshops on a local scale.