WW2 Polish 4th Carpathian Rifles  Battalion Beret Badge
May 19, 2019
WW2 Polish Monte Cassino Cross 35,552
May 19, 2019

WW2 Polish 6th Carpathian Rifles  Battalion Beret Badge


 1946, Italy, 30mm diameter

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 Polish Beret badge of the 6th Carpathian Rifles Battalion Beret Badge. The 6th Carpathian Rifles Battalion (6 Baon Strzelców Karpackich) was part of the 2nd Brigade of Carpathian Rifles, 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division, 2nd Polish Corps. The badge was worn on a beret next to the Polish Eagle.

 A three part construction badge in the form of eight twisted leaves in a circle, in the center a leaf crown with the letters 2 BSK – 2 Brygada Strzelców Karpackich, in the center a plaque with the number 6 for 6th Battalion. The badge was introduced on 27th August 1946. 

 Smooth reverse with visible rivets, in the center a threaded post with a spinner. Good condition as on photographs.