WW2 Polish Patch of 1st/2nd Grenadier Division/4th Infantry Division
May 12, 2022
WW2 Polish 3DSK Headquarter Collar Badge
May 19, 2022

WW2 Polish 2nd Polish Corps Group 


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 A group to private Wisławski Roman of the 2nd Polish Corps of General Anders. The groups consist of: 

  • 2nd Polish Corps Breast Badge (number 037962) with matching Legitimation Card
  • Duplicat contract of the service in the Polish Army 
  • Alien Identity Certificate
  • Certificate of Termination of Service in the Polish Army
  • Polish Resettlement Corps Certificate of Transfer
  • French Identification Document
  • Soldiers Service Book 
  • Certificate of Polish Nationality issued by Polish Consul in Lille (France).
  • National Registration Identity Card
  • British Entitlement Medal Card with British War Medal

Good used condition as in photograph.