post-WW2 Polish September Campaign Cross to Katyń Massacre Victim
June 15, 2019
WW2 Polish Eagle Cloth Cap Badge
June 15, 2019

WW2 Polish 2nd Corps Badge


Copper, silver plated, 26mm x 16mm,

F.M Lorioli, Milan/Rome 1945-47

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Badge of the 2nd Polish Corps. Badge in the form of a shield above which is a mermaid of the 2nd Polish Corps. To the sides of the mermaid are laurel leaves. Around the shield a inscription “Polski 2 Korpus” (Polish 2nd Corps). 

 Smooth reverse with a stamped number. A repaired threaded post with a spinner.

Badge belonged to Corporal Czesław Wasilewski, born in 1913, Army Number 1913-114-III. Took part in the Battle of Monte Cassino. Fought in the 6th Light Artillery Regiment of the 5 Kresowa Infantry Division.