WW2 Polish Para Collar Badge Parachute – Half-product.
February 3, 2021
WW2 Polish “Chorąży” Shoulder Board
February 3, 2021

WW2 Polish 1st Grenadier Division Combat Badge Half-product. 


(1943/44, Edinburgh,Kirkwood & Son, Scotland). 76.5mm x 52mm. 

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Semi-finished badge of the 1st Grenadier Division.

The badge is a stylized crowned eagle sitting on a shield with the sentence inscribed in the circumference (God Honor the Fatherland – Bóg Honor Ojczyzna). In the lower part of the shield you can see the inscribed sign of grenadiers, a burning grenade with a number of initials (D 1 G). In the center of the shield, the Lorraine cross is visible, partially covering the eagle.

On the obverse there is a signature in a mirror image (Kirkwood & Son, Edinb). The reverse of the half product is smooth.

A semi-finished product of the trial batch of the 1st Grenadier Division’s combat badge. Scarce collector’s item.