Pre-WW2 Polish Paratroopers Exercise Nowa Wilejka (II)
September 25, 2021
WW2 Legitimation Card to Cross of Valor – Home Army
September 25, 2021

WW2 Photo of Polish Soldiers – Rome The Triumphal Arch of Constantine


1944-45, paper, 18.4cm x 12.1cm

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A beautiful photo showing the soldiers of the 2nd Polish Corps of General Anders in Rome.

Four soldiers by the truck, helmets hanging on the mirror. Visible Polish eagles badges on berets and patches of the British 8th Army and 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division. The badge of the Independent Carpathian Rifle Brigade “Tobruk” is visible on the pocket of one of the soldiers. In the background, you can see the Triumphal Arch of Constantine in Rome. The photo was probably taken around 1944-1945.

  Condition as in the photos, a beautiful large format photo.