WW2 Polish Patch of 1st Armoured Division “Squirrel” – BeVo
May 25, 2023
WW2 Polish Bullion Thread Poland Title – 1st Armoured Division
May 25, 2023

WW2 Patch of Polish Guard Companies


Occupied Germany (?), 1945-50, 5.5 cm x 7 cm

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Patch of Polish Guard Companies under American command, used in France and occupied Germany in 1945-50. The Guard Companies consisted of former soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces in the West, liberated prisoners of war from the 1939 Campaign, as well as partisans and Home Army members, including the famous Świętokrzyska Brigade of the National Armed Forces.

Patch made by machine. The emblem is in the form of a shield, trimmed with yellow thread around it, inside there are visible white and red vertical stripes covering three-quarters of the patch’s surface, above it is a blue rectangle with the word “Polish” embroidered in the central part. The reverse is lined with a white cloth pad.