WW2 Polish Booklet Tribute to General Sikorski
June 18, 2019
WW1 Polish-Bolshevik War Lancers Photo
June 18, 2019

WW2 German Leaflet Warsaw Uprising in Polish 1944


16,5 cm X 22 cm

6,4 X 8,6 inches

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A rare WW2 period German leaflet dropped over the Polish Insurgents positions in the Warsaw Uprising 1944. These leaflets are known to be dropped few times in August 1944. Calls for all to surrender and leave Warsaw in the west direction with white tissues. “Guarantees” food and work for all who leave as well as living quarters. Calls that the German army fights only against “Bolsheviks” and all which are used as a tool of the Bolsheviks will be held accountable. Good condition as on photographs with signs of use.