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October 29, 2020
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November 18, 2020

WW2 German Field Binoculars 6×30 (Polish Vet Bring-Back)


Srb & Stys Fabrik Praziser Messinstrumente, Prague, Czech

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A pair of WW2 Period German Army Field binoculars. Signs of wear, and intensive use, as on photographs. Comes with a period leather case, (unmarked). The case’s straps are cracked and broken, as found and require conservation. 

The binoculars have the coded maker “bmk” for Srb & Stys Fabrik Praziser Messinstrumente in Prague, Czech. Additionally marked KF for cold resistant lubricant (Kalterfest). The vision is good. 

 According to the family of the veteran, these binoculars were captured by an officer of the 2nd Polish Corps during the Italian Campaign and used instead of the British-Issued binoculars which were of worse quality. The buyer will receive the full name and rank of the officer.