PSZnZ – Initials of the 7th Regiment of Lublin Uhlans
April 29, 2019
WW2 Polish Eagle Cap Badge wz.39
April 29, 2019

WW2 Extremely Scarce Polish wz.39 Eagle Cap Badge 


Great Britain (?), White Metal, circa 1940-45, 55mm x 36mm

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Polish eagle cap badge depicting an eagle with spread wings sitting on an amazon shield. The head is topped with a closed crown. On the reverse two omega type loops. Die stamped. Fantastic condition as on photographs.

A very rare Polish wz.39 eagle cap badge, made from white metal. Extremely rare variant not known in publications, most likely produced in Great Britain. An example is known in the Sikorski Institute in London, on an officer’s cap of the 10th Mounted Rifle Regiment dated 1940-1943.