pre-WW2 Polish Cross of Valour – Krogulec nr 7
September 26, 2021
WW2 Polish Patriotic Pin Badge – Germany 1945
September 26, 2021

WW1 Rare Polish Eagle of the Polish Corps in Russia


27.5mm x 21.5mm, White Metal (Silver?), Russia 1917-1918

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  A rare Polish eagle cap badge used by the Polish Corps in Russia during the First World War. Eagle without a crown, period removed.

Badge in the form of an eagle without a crown with outstretched wings upwards, the head facing the right wing. Reverse with a clear die-stamp. A fixing wire attached to the back (later replacement). Condition as in the photos with traces of use.

This version of the eagle is mentioned in the book by Tomasz Zawistowski. “Polskie Orły na Czapki 1917-19” on page 28, illustration 21.