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March 25, 2020
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Silver Rococo German Nuremberg Christening Cased Spoon


1776-1780 Nuremberg

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 A fantastic 18th century cased silver christening spoon. The spoon is beautifully engraved in rococo style, hallmarked N for Nuremberg and letter D used in 1776-80. Engraved on the reverse of the bowl “M.B. Jagerin 1780”. The spoon is circa 20cm long, and weighs 43.8 grams. 

The box is made from wood and leather with gilt decoration. Rare original lining of the box. The cover of the box has rococo decoration with vases and depictions of Jesus Christ with St John the Baptist being christened in the river Jordan. Also there is an inscription in German . A great item, in lovely condition with visible wearing.