WW2 Polish Monte Cassino Cross 35,552
May 19, 2022
WW2 Polish Gold Virtuti Militari Cross 4th Class – Picchiani & Barlacchi
May 26, 2022

Rare WW2 Polish Boys Trained by Royal Corps of Signals Group 


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A scarce group to private Władysław Ościłowski, No.3 Company, GHQ Troops, Royal Signals (Mena Camp near Cairo, Egypt), later 14th Wielkopolska Armored Brigade. 

 The group consists of several items, the most important – a very scarce original “Polish Boys trained by Royal Corps of Signal” badge. Badge issued to Polish boys (Junaki) trained by the Royal Corps of Signal in Mena Camp near Cairo for the completion of the training course. The badge was worn on the left uniform pocket. One of rarest badges of the Polish Forces in the West. Good used condition with a period removed slider and an added threaded post. 

 Together with the group are: 

  • WW2 Legitymacja for Polish Signal Insignia nr 8247
  • WW2 Polish wz.39 Eagle Cap Badge by J.R Gaunt 
  • WW2 Pair of Poland Titles
  • WW2 Patch of the 14th Wielkopolska Armored Brigade
  • Polish Military Dictionary,Edinburgh 1943
  • Polish Nursing Handbook (Vade-Mecum Pielęgniarki) Glasgow 1944
  • Polish Army in Middle East Calendar 1944
  • Tin box with various badges (5)
  • Aluminum Shield, unfinished 8th Army Metal Patch
  • Several pages of Research on Władysław Ościłowski. 


Władysław Ościłowski born 27th March 1927, died 1998. Deported by the Soviets from Białystok to Iksa camp near Archangielsk, Russia at the age of 12. Władysław survived the harsh captivity and after the German attack on Soviet Russia in 1941 (their former ally), escaped with Anders Army to the Middle East, joining as a teenager the Junaki (Cadets).