WW2 Polish Silver Dog tag of Private Marciniak Leonard
July 30, 2018
pre-WW2 Polish Officers Dress wz.28 Belt Buckle
July 30, 2018

pre-WW2 Polish wz.27 Police Helmet Eagle Plate Badge


White Metal, 94mm x 99mm, 1930-1939. Henneberg Brothers, Warsaw.

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The wz.27 pattern Polish Police Helmets plates were introduced in 1930. They were used on both German M16 Helmets and Polish wz.31 helmets of the Silesia Police. These helmet plates are also seen on the costume of the Polish Sea and Colonial League.

Production started around 1930 by the company of Braci Henneberg in Warsaw. A variety without a ribbon, used in the years 1930-1936 by State Police Officers, then in 1936-39 by all State Police officers. Badge in the form of a crowned eagle with spread wings. Die stamped. Reverse with two pairs of flat fixing wires (one pair broken).The plaque is made from thin white metal, a small hole in the crown of the eagle (most likely for later display). 

This type of eagle is mentioned in the book by Tomasz Zawistowski “Polskie Orły do Czapek w latach 1919-1939” on pages 142-148. We also recommend an article by Tomasz Zawistowski on the wz.27 Polish Police Helmet Plate.,4108.pdf