WW2 Polish Resistance Virtuti Militari Group
March 6, 2020
WW2 Polish Beret Badge 15th Wolves Battalion “Wilki”
March 6, 2020

pre-WW2 Polish wz.25 Police Helmet Eagle Badge


White metal, 119mm x 101mm

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 Badge in the form of a crowned eagle with spread wings, resting on a sash (one of ends broken). Die stamped. Reverse with three pairs of flat fixing wires.The plaque is made from thin white metal, hence commonly damaged, the crown was broken off and repaired in the period (has a small hole from the period repair). 

 The wz.25 pattern Polish Police Helmets plates were introduced in 1925 and soon replaced by the wz.27 helmet plate. 

This type of eagle is mentioned in the book by Tomasz Zawistowski “Polskie Orły do Czapek w latach 1919-1939” on pages 142-147.

 An outstanding and beautiful Polish Eagle Plaque of the Polish Police.


More information can be found in the article by Tomasz Zawistowski (in Polish).,1459.pdf