Protected: WW2 German Album from Campaigns in Poland and France
June 30, 2019
pre-WW2 Polish Officers Dress wz.28 Belt Buckle
June 30, 2019

Pre-WW2 Polish wz.1933 Backpack


1935, Warsaw, M. Kejlin and J. Rajchenbaum

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Polish backpack wz.33, produced by the Warsaw factory of M. Kejlin and J. Rajchenbaum, located at ul. Marszałkowska 116, produced in 1935. Received by the Polish War Department in January 1936.

A cuboid-shaped satchel, stiffened with two original side wooden boards, thanks to which it kept its shape. One of the flaps is stuck on and cannot be pulled out due to three packets of Polish pre-war vanilla sugar from the “Strójwąs” company, which was hidden by a soldier and discovered by us when preparing the object for the offer. Over the years, the sugar dissolved and stuck the board.

The main flap of the schoolbag is closed with two straps. In the center of the flap there is a sewn-on canvas strap, used to attach a mess tin. The inside of the backpack is protected against accidental falling out, with a system of straps and flaps. Webbing harness trimmed with an original felt lining, All straps ended with metal fittings.

A set of four stamps inside the backpack; manufacturer’s stamp, stamp “Ze Zniżką”, stamp of Polish military acceptance, and red round stamp of the 83rd Poleskie Rifle Regiment.