WW2 Polish Pair of Poland Titles
September 26, 2018
WW2 Polish Officers Badge 2nd Artillery Group Polish Officers Solid Silver
October 29, 2018

Pre-WW2 Polish Water Service Badge

1920-1939, Poland, Brass, 89mm x 67mm

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Pre-WW2 Polish Service badge, the so-called “plate” of officials of the Water Service. Worn on the clothes of the civil servant. 

One-piece, oval-shaped, die-stamped badge. The edge of the badge is stylized as a mooring rope, in the center there is an crowned eagle with outstretched wings sitting over two crossed anchors. Above the eagle there is a visible inscription (Służba Wodna – Water Service). On the sides there are two small flowers. 

Reverse of the badge with a deep die-stamp counter, visible fastening in the form of two loops. 

A rare collector’s badge, very good condition with signs of wear in the form of scratches and minor dents. Varnished obverse.