WW2 Polish SBSK Soldier’s Prayer Book – Recepient of Virtuti Militari
September 25, 2019
pre-WW2 Polish Gas Mask Bag wz.32
September 25, 2019

Pre-WW2 Polish Veterinary Chest of the Polish Army, WP SAN

Wood, steel. Dimensions 74 cm x 52 cm x 48 cm

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A rare chest used by the Polish Army, intended for veterinary medical instruments for the treatment of horses. A wooden, rectangular box with the original khaki color and markings preserved. Dimensions 74 cm x 52 cm x 48 cm.

A two-door box, closed with a metal lock, inside the door you can see the ink markings of the manufacturer (STOLARSKA COMPANY, ARC. POZNAŃ).

On the right side of the door, from the front, a signature – type of a box (TYPE No. 1) is visible. Inside the chest there are three divided shelves, one of them is divided by a vertical wall. A wooden drawer with graduations for medical instruments. The box is forged with steel flat bars to strengthen and extend the service life of the structure.

The upper part of the box features the Polish state coat of arms, 1927 pattern, a crowned white eagle on a red shield. Below the eagle, there is an inscription painted in white (WP WET ZESTAW Nr1 SKRZYNIA WET I – A). – Polish Army Veterinary Set Number 1, Box of Veterinarny 1-A. 

On both sides visible steel profiled handles for carrying the box. The box is in good condition, with traces of use in the form of abrasions and traces of insects, as in the photos. The paint on the box is about 95% preserved.

Dear customers, due to the dimensions of the box, delivery is possible via a courier company with an additional fee, personal collection, or delivery of the box directly to the customer after consulting the cost and form of delivery.