pre-WW2 Polish Medal Haller’s Swords Blue Army – American Version
June 1, 2023
pre-WW2 Polish Early wz.19 Rogatywka Chinstrap
June 8, 2023

pre-WW2 Polish Star of General Bułak Bałachowicz Cross of Valour


88mm x 88mm, brass, tombac, enamel. Poland 1918-39

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A badge in the form of a multi-pointed star with gilded arms. In the central part of the star, there is a four-pointed cross enameled in white. Between the arms, there are two bare swords directed upwards. In the middle of the cross there is a medallion with the sentence “For our and your freedom”, in the middle of which there is a skull surrounded by a laurel wreath, a sword and torches.

Multi-part badge.

The reverse of the badge is struck counterclockwise with a mounting post in the middle. Visible are three pins fastening the cross to the star, the badge is equipped with a round brass washer under the spinner.

One of the two self-proclaimed commemorative badges of General Bułak-Bałachowicz, awarded for participation in the 1920 campaign.

In the 1930s, there were numerous cases, such as the resale of stars by members of the chapter to people who wanted to purchase such a badge, but were not associated with the volunteer army. As a result of such behavior, and the revealed scandals from 1931-1932, the Polish Ministry of the Interior placed the star on the list of decorations and badges prohibited to wear. Very rare value, hard to obtain. A perfect addition to any collection.