Portrait Photo of a Polish Pilot – 1945
April 14, 2020
pre-WW2 Polish Portrait Photo – 2nd Legion Inf.Reg
April 14, 2020

pre-WW2 Polish Portrait Photo 85th Infantry Reg


11.4cm x 7.3cm

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Rectangular photo of a soldier of the 85th Infantry Regiment with cropped horns. In the picture you can see a soldier in a WZ 19 jacket, on the Right Breast a commemorative badge of the Greater Poland Army (Greater Poland Swords). On the left chest side there is a badge for wounds and injuries, below the badge Lithuanian-Belarusian Front and badge of the 85th Infantry Regiment. Polish bayonet with a sling attached to the waist.

Reverse of the photo described (In memory of a joint work for a colleague Wilejk on February 28, 1928).